back or not…

Dear team,

indeed, it was a long time ago I wrote on this blog. I do have to agree that it comes on and off.

I just want to say that I am really fortunate girl and in loved with life. I hope you feel the same.

sending lots of love…

xxx Nina.



Don’t date a girl who travels.

This feels very familiar…. my best friend found this on someones else blog. I will have to confess that most of the behaviors are described as how I am as a person.

She’s the one with the messy unkempt hair colored by the sun. Her skin is now far from fair like it once was. Not even sun kissed. It’s burnt with multiple tan lines, wounds and bites here and there. But for every flaw on her skin, she has an interesting story to tell.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She is hard to please. The usual dinner-movie date at the mall will suck the life out of her. Her soul craves for new experiences and adventures. She will be unimpressed with your new car and your expensive watch. She would rather climb a rock or jump out of an airplane than hear you brag about it.

Don’t date a girl who travels because she will bug you to book a flight every time there’s an airline seat sale. She wont party at Republiq. And she will never pay over $100 for Avicii because she knows that one weekend of clubbing is equivalent to one week somewhere far more exciting.

Chances are, she can’t hold a steady job. Or she’s probably daydreaming about quitting. She doesn’t want to keep working her ass off for someone else’s dream. She has her own and is working towards it. She is a freelancer. She makes money from designing, writing, photography or something that requires creativity and imagination. Don’t waste her time complaining about your boring job.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She might have wasted her college degree and switched careers entirely. She is now a dive instructor or a yoga teacher. She’s not sure when the next paycheck is coming. But she doesn’t work like a robot all day, she goes out and takes what life has to offer and challenges you to do the same.

Don’t date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty. She doesn’t have a plan or a permanent address. She goes with the flow and follows her heart. She dances to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t wear a watch. Her days are ruled by the sun and the moon. When the waves are calling, life stops and she will be oblivious to everything else for a moment. But she has learned that the most important thing in life isn’t surfing.

Don’t date a girl who travels as she tends to speak her mind. She will never try to impress your parents or friends. She knows respect, but isn’t afraid to hold a debate about global issues or social responsibility.

She will never need you. She knows how to pitch a tent and screw her own fins without your help. She cooks well and doesn’t need you to pay for her meals. She is too independent and wont care whether you travel with her or not. She will forget to check in with you when she arrives at her destination. She’s busy living in the present. She talks to strangers. She will meet many interesting, like-minded people from around the world who share her passion and dreams. She will be bored with you.

So never date a girl who travels unless you can keep up with her. And if you unintentionally fall in love with one, don’t you dare keep her. Let her go.

This article has resonated with so many women around the world and has been translated into 16 different languages including South American Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, French-Canadian, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Portuguese European, Swedish, Croatian, Estonian, Russian, Czech, European Spanish and Thai.

Back in Barcelona.

Now Im back in Barcelona and this week for sure will get crazy, lots of work and also will need to book my ticket to Madrid for my friends memorial day this saturday. I am not sure how I will handle it, I am to sensitive, seeing all our friends and also see his parents and partner will break my heart. But I will have to be strong for others! 

Even thought I had a good time in Sweden, seeing family and friends, it feels good to be back in Spain, at least I cannot complain about the weather… coming back from -10 to 11 degrees isn’t that bad. 🙂 

Sleep well



R.I.P Sigge! <3

Words cannot describe how I actually have been feeling this week. I felt like I was out of this planet and that my heart got ripped out. Last sunday, the 19th of January was a sad day. I lost one of my good friends in Madrid and also it was his birthday that day. My deepest prayers go out to him and his loved ones! Too soon to leave us!!! You are most definitely an angel in heaven. I will always love you my dearest “ex-husband”

I’ve also learned that saying I love you to many times or too much isn’t that bad. And I will appreciate life more than ever. Thank you my angel for being here in good and bad times.

Love you ❤



New job, new life

Hello lovers,

Long time and no writing. I have some updates…

Finally I got a new job, that means that I had to relocate. I am very happy  with my desicion… My new colleagues are amazing, and the job, I really like it.
So I just have to adjust myself to the new city. I have to discover it so I can like it. Need to get some new friend too.

This is a real challange, and as you know I LOVEEE CHALLANGES!


I miss Madcity

I have now been here for almost 2 moths and I miss Madrid and all my friends dearly. I cannot say that it hasnt been great weather over here in Sweden, but the lifestyle is pretty boring…. I am not so sure if I could live here, even though my friends and family lives here.

The 27th is my sisters Wedding, and I am looking forward it. But I have a feeling that it will be very stressful. A lot of people will come from foreign countries to the wedding.

I found a very nice dress to wear, . 🙂

And now Im off to Stockholm, to meet my sweet friend Linis!



Im staying!

Sometimes when you less expect it then it happens,  Life is full of unexpected things….

I was supposed to fly back to Madcity the 9th of june but I got more work over here in Stockholm so I just took the decision to stay, that dosent meant that Im gonna stay for lifetime but still I think It will feel like it. I am planning to stay here till August at least. 

So all my planning, trips, weddings, bracelet making will be made from Stockholm. I will though miss all my homies very much! Lets see if I can make it that long. 

I will let you know. 🙂